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Portrait painting demonstration.

I had the pleasure of demonstrating portrait painting in oils over two hours for Maidenhead painting club.

Portrait painting course at Artlife studio.

Here i am again teaching at Artlife studio with an introduction to Portrait painting in oils.

Portrait drawing in Charcoal at Pegasus art in Stroud.

This one day workshop was split into two parts, in the morning students drew from photo references
and after lunch they worked from direct observation with Debbie our life model.

Portrait painting workshop at Clacton on sea.

Here i am again at The Watershed Studio, running a portrait painting workshop in oils from life with a limited colour palette (the Zorn palette). It was nice to see some artists that came to to my previous course again!

Portrait painting workshop in Chorleywood.

Here i am again with Rickmansworth art society, running a portrait painting in oils and acrylics workshop with a nice group of talented artists.

Portrait paintings at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

I have some portrait paintings up on the walls at Stoke Mandeville hospital, pleased to see that they are in one of the heavy foot fall areas by WH Smiths near the main entrance.

Portrait painting demonstration.

I had the pleasure of painting Mick over two hours while talking about my portrait painting
technique to members of Beechwood art society in Amersham.

Portrait painting demonstration
It was nice to be invited back to do another portrait painting demonstration for Wendover art club.

Painting workshops in the cotswolds.

I ended my year of workshops in the Cotswolds at Pure Artwork studio.
Looking forward to teaching there again next year!

The Artist, Leisure Painter and Painters-Online 2021 Open competition.

Really pleased to have two of my knife paintings accepted for The Artist, Leisure Painter and PaintersOnline 2021 Open competition in partnership with Patchings Art Centre.
They will be on exhibition at Patchings Art Centre, Oxton Road, Calverton, Nottinghamshire from 21 August to 26 September 2021.

Very pleased to be exhibiting at the Bucks Art Society 100th anniversary Exhibition at the county museum in Aylesbury, the town where I was born and grew up. Also very pleased that the Art curator Mel Czapski chose my portrait of ww2 veteran Len Nixey as one of her five favourite pieces. Unfortunately the museum is closed during lockdown but you can see the great work by all the members and the virtual tour -

Mall galleries Award Winning Artists exhibition

As one of this years award winning artists some of my work is up for sale on Mall galleries Award Winning Artists online exhibition. Also it was a nice surprise to see my painting - Knockout featured in the Mall Galleries email.


Here’s my second portrait for #portraitsfornhsheroes. I challenged myself by painting Katy just with palette knifes. I painted her portrait as part of the #portraitsfornhsheroes initiative created by fellow Oxford art society member and painter friend Tom Croft.

Katy's experience her own words.
“I’m a theatre recovery nurse. I qualified as a nurse in 2012 working first at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and later the BMI. During the full-on Covid period both NHS and private hospitals dedicated themselves to the common Covid struggle. The private sector was contracted to the NHS. I did a number of long shifts in an area designated for Covid patients with “hot and cold” areas - an off shoot of ITU. I also had informal caring responsibilities to my every father (recently widowed), whilst trying to socially distance.”


Megan works as a nurse at Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London and has been nursing for only a year and a half. She was transfered to the ITU unit during the Covid19 pandemic. I painted her portrait as part of the #portraitsfornhsheroes initiative created by fellow Oxford art society member and painter friend Tom Croft.

Megan’s experience her own words.

I felt very lucky that I had worked in a medical ward and had recent surgical experience before being transferred to ITU during the covid pandemic as both areas intertwined in the high level of care- but was still surprised by how different it felt to any experiences I’ve had through training and qualification.

As someone who enjoys chatting with patients it felt very strange to be looking after someone and not know what their voice sounded like. The dissonant sound of countless beeps, hums and drones from the equipment in the room almost became the patients voice whilst they couldn’t use their own- alerting to when something is wrong and reassuring when things improve.

My overwhelming feeling of working in ITU during the pandemic was gratitude for the nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and other fantastic members of the healthcare team. I continually saw colleagues support each other and help with not only the patient during and incredibly scary and difficult period of their life, but also fortifying and providing reassurance to ITU newcomers like myself.

I’m grateful for my ITU experience, and feel very lucky to have seen so many patients improve and to use their voices again. “

Portrait painting demonstration.
I was very pleased to be invited back to Pinner sketch club again, this time demonstrating portrait painting in oils with painting knives.

The most voted for artist at Bucks art society autumn exhibition.
Very pleased to find that i was voted 1st as the most voted for artist and two of my paintings were jointly voted 2nd for the peoples choice, where the public vote for their favourite work in the Bucks
art society autumn exhibition.

Portrait painting from life demonstration.
I had a fun evening painting Marilyn from life at Wendover art club, with less than 2 hrs to do the job i had work extremely fast.

Art demonstration.
I had a fun evening painting Mick from life on my portrait painting demonstration with Rickmansworth Art Society. I was going through chemo at the time, fortunately i was at the end of a cycle so my cell count was up and i was feeling energised.
As usual i was up against the clock with only two hours including a tea break so i used the Zorn palette of ivory black, yellow ochre, cadmium red and titanium to keep things simple.

Bucks Art Weeks.
I am delighted to be exhibiting some of my work at Delphine art studio in Thame for the Bucks Art Weeks, from June 9th – June 24th 2018.
Pictured – Roland Muldoon and Joey sat next to my portrait of Roland and Sid.

The Artist and Leisure painter.
My portrait of Sir Walter has been selected for The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines Patchings exhibition.

Art demonstrator.
Had a fun evening demonstrating portrait painting from life in oils at Watford and Bushey art society.