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Richard Benson QC -Oil on canvas 110cm x 80cm


For me portraiture is more than just capturing a likeness, of course the portrait must resemble the subject, but more importantly it should capture their character and personality, that inner self.
As Aristotle stated, “The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality.”

I’m happy to paint from life or photographs but in most cases I tend to work with a mixture of both.

Initially I would start a commission with a two to three hour sitting in my studio, the clients home or place of work. This first sitting is always very relaxed and informal, it’s gives me the opportunity to get to know the person, and get a good insight into their personality while i paint them.

The next stage would be to meet the client in the comfort of their own surroundings to make some sketches and take numerous photographs for use as reference to work from on the final painting.

All commissions are priced individually and will depend on the size, subject and details such as the location and setting.

I’m also happy to organise framing requirements at an additional cost.

“We commissioned two paintings from Mark after seeing his portrait of Annie in a local exhibition. The quality of his work is superb and it is easy to see why he has been exhibited more widely. He is professional to work with, an excellent communicator, and the portrait sitting was lots of fun.”
Ian Hagues

“Mark’s portrait of my husband Peter beautifully captures his inner self
as well as his outer being.
We are privileged to have the portrait in our home.”
Marcia Davis

“I have admired Mark’s work for years – I love how true to life his paintings are, and yet they are not photographic facsimiles as you can see all his brush strokes and craft. We just love the portrait of our daughter, Annie. Mark is so well known for his portraits of older people but I think he’s done an equally wonderful job with her. He’s caught her in a moment of quiet reflection, with every curve just right, and yet it couldn’t be less like a photograph. It’s non-chocolate box, and all the more beautiful for it.”
Katherine Sutcliffe

“What a pleasure it has been to commission Mark to portrait the late legendary Sid Russell a star of stage and screen (together with my husband, Dr Roland W. Muldoon). Sid had over 3 million hits on YouTube and deserved to be painted by Mark a great artist and according to my husband – a joy to work with !”
Claire Muldoon

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